Wireless LAN Services

Wireless LAN Services

Design, Plan and build Wireless Infrastructure (WLAN) Implementation for offices, Campus and Factories

Different Facilities need different building blocks of enterprise Wireless LAN. For example the User and Device density in an office environment is higher compared to a Factory or any Manufacturing unit. The Wireless LAN planning in an Enterprise is a tradeoff between Coverage and Speed. Optimally using the scarce resource of Frequency channels, Power Radiation and Antenna Gain, one can get the desired results.

You ought to analyses and plan before you implement, that means ‘do a RF Survey ‘ before you introduce wireless
access in an enterprise.

Building new unified wireless solutions facility for an office, campus and factories is not an easy job. It always requires best practices; you must assess your infrastructure, RF environment and map out your access points’ placement and alignment to ensure your WLAN performs well. The WLAN design consists of systems and solutions: tested and documented to facilitate faster, more reliable and more predictable user deployments. It all starts with a proper wireless site survey to get the optimal locations for WAPs to minimize channel interference, maximize the range and throughput.

What We Offer:

  • Enterprise class Wireless Lan solution and service
  • Wireless LAN (WLAN) Plan (RF Survey, BOQ, Documentation, Etc.)
  • Delivering the solution based on customer needs.
  • Comprehensive solutions that build a strong WLAN infra.
  • Well being examination and fitting, altering of issues on the WLAN environment.
  • Delivering single point service facilities for multi-vendor configuration
  • Hardware, software, up gradation, re-installation, repairs, etc and so forth according to customer prerequisites.
  • Managed WLAN Infrastructure.
  • Consultative approach for translation of services into higher customer satisfaction
  • Customers need it – whatever “it” is – quick. So our attention is on Quick reaction time.
  • High Availability of WLAN Infrastructure
  • Lower maintenance budget.
  • Providing additional add-ons, peripherals, installation and upgrades, etc
  • Helping Customers on the IT procurement based on the best practices

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