Email Hosting (Exchange)

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Protect your sensitive email messages with the super-secure, simple-to-use encryption service from NJTechMatrix. With NJTechMatrix, just one click ensures your message remains encrypted all the way to the recipient. And is as easy to manage as it is to use, keeping your business compliant and your email safe.

Secure Hosted Exchange

NJTechMatrix’S Secure Hosted Exchange service gives you control of your email system without the complications and expense of managing your own servers. For a low monthly, per-mailbox fee, you get unlimited storage and the ability to easily manage user services. Secure Hosted Exchange is embedded in every hosted mailbox, so you also get the best spam and virus protection in the business built right in.

Spam & Virus Protection

NJTechMatrix makes it easy to keep your email free of spam and viruses. With our award-winning Secure service, 99 percent of unwanted messages never reach your inbox. There is no expensive equipment to install, no cancellation fee and best of all no more junk mail or malicious messages in
your inbox.

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