VOIP: Voice over IP and Video over IP are an assembly of methodologies, technologies; transmission techniques and communication protocol for the delivery of voice communications and multimedia sessions over the Internet Protocol (IP) networks, like the Internet.

Voice over IP involves transferring voice information in digital forms in disconnected packets rather than using the conventional circuit-committed protocols like telephones. With VOIP, many companies are now able to save money on international calls.

VOIP helps businesses make calls and talk to their foreign business delegates at very low rates. There is a huge difference in call rates when you use the Internet for voice communication rather than traditional mobile networks. This brought a revolution in the communications industry and helping small and big businesses to cut down on their communication costs drastically.

Due to the low costs and bandwidth efficiency, many businesses are now migrating from traditional telephones to VoIP systems. Voice over IP and Video over IP solutions have evolved into “unified communications” services treating all kinds of communications—phone calls, voice mail, faxes, Web conferences, e-mail, and more—as all distinct units can be delivered through any means and to all handsets, including mobile phones. We help different clients in setting up a VOIP enabled device at their office to make frequent local, national and international calls.

1. Managed VOIP

In an energetic business environment, you require voice solutions that offer manageability, speedy deployment and reduced costs. We offer managed VOIP services to provide ideal solutions for your international communication requirements.

Managed VOIP, services combine the Internet connectivity with voice minutes. We offer scalable solutions to prevent expenses and manage your costs with MVOIP solutions for quality Internet telephony, which constructively influence your core business.

We can help in setting managed VOIP services to run on a particular Internet bandwidth that uses shortest distance between origin and destination. According to your needs and business demands, we can help in setting up a VoIP solution to meet your calling needs completely. Some of the benefits that you will enjoy with Managed VoIP services are:

  • Reduced upfront costs
  • Enhanced flexibility
  • Simple to maintain
  •  Highly scalable

2. Contact Center (Dialer)

Contact center is basically a one-point contact storage system, where all your contacts are saved, which were collected through telephone, fax, letter, emails, online chats and other mediums. It’s like a huge contact database of your customers, and it really adds value to an efficient and effective customer relationship management.

We help to set up your own contact center to increase efficiency and service level enquiries with a good response time. A good dialer will help you to achieve customer satisfaction and will in turn increase revenue and profit margins for the client.

Contact center set up, generally includes:

  • Customer help lines
  • Customer care
  • Customer sales and support
  • Relationship management
  • Customer loyalty programs

3. Soft-PBX

A soft PBX is a private branch exchange service relying on voice over Internet protocol, or computer software than traditional telephone hardware and systems. PBX is a typical technical term which stands for Private Branch Exchange. PBX is a digital form of multi-line telephone that is used to transfer the call to several extensions. PBX can be physically installed and maintained through the Internet hosted PBX phone system.

We help in setting up a soft PBX for your business to let you enjoy several benefits. Through PBX systems, you can enjoy features like fax receipt, voice mail, call transfer, hold with music, caller identification, multi-line conferencing and automated call distribution. It has everything that your business needs to make communications with clients quick, easy, and affordable. Virtual nature of the soft PBX systems lets our clients to connect and use VOIP-compatible systems and install software-based systems.

With soft PBX, you can also offer telephonic service to several internal users within the office without tying up space or money with traditional phone systems.

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