Network Solutions

Network Solutions

We provide network solutions from designing the network architecture to network security and network storage. We create network solutions based on your business needs, as it helps us in allocating access permission to different employees and freedom to use the data available for the server. We can create network design solutions that will help you manage the data available on the server. With a master computer having access to all the computers will help you see the data available for the server.

1. Network Architecture Designing

Network architect is a blueprint of the entire computer communication network providing a technology foundation and framework for building, designing, and running a communication network. Network architecture usually has a layered structure.
Layering is the current network designing principle that separates the communication duties into a number of parts with each part achieving a specific sub-task and interrelating with the other parts in a small number of well-defined ways. Our experienced engineering staff makes use of its expertise and tools to offer top notch network design to remove costly errors. Our network design will assist you to gain technical leadership capabilities to implement the quality network that supports business requirements. We create, maintain, troubleshoot and support business requirements as per the Internet bandwidth usage.

2. Network Storage Solutions

Network Storage is all about storing knowledge using a method or process by which it can be made available to clients on a similar or different network. The data-storage process has evolved through various stages. This storage technique helps in organizing and saving critical knowledge created by employees and shared by the company in an efficient and available manner.

Here are some of the basic terms used for various network storage solutions:

Direct Attached Storage (DAS)

As the name suggests, a direct attached storage is when one or more dedicated storage devices get connected directly to one or more servers. It’s more like a point-to-point storage device, which connects through a cable from server to storage.

Network Attached Storage (NAS)

When computer systems get file and data access through a storage device, which is connected to the network, where all the files are archived and saved. This technique uses special devices that connect to the network directly, and they can be accessed directly by the client device without any intermediary. However, sometimes these storage systems are allocated with an IP and can be accessed by clients via a server who is more like a data gateway.

Storage Area Network (SAN)

This network storage device connects each other to a server, or clusters of servers acting as an access point to the storage area network.

3. Network Security

Network security is required by every small or big office to protect their data from leaking and preventing its misuse. Network security provides provisions that are used by the network administrator to avoid and monitor unauthorized use, misuse, alteration or denial of network accessible resources and computer network.,/p>

Network security also takes includes grating access to data, which is usually controlled by the administrator. Network security encompasses several computer networks, including public and private ones that are used by employees to conduct necessary communications and transactions with agencies, individuals and businesses. Networks within a company are known as private ones were as those open to general access are known as public networks.

NJTechMatrix, helps in providing all kinds of network security solutions to help in preventing data theft and misuse. The misuse of data can be done by someone within the company or from outside. To ensure that your company should not face any loss or theft of critical data, using network security is important. With our network security service, you can choose to secure the network according to your needs. You will also enjoy the authorization to provide permission of access to all employees or some. You can even control the date and information seen, shared and used over the network.


Network security begins with authenticating the user, by providing him a username and password. Even stronger security features for authentication like ATM card, mobile phone, retinal scan or fingerprints can also be used for providing the required amount of network security.

After authenticating, the firewall imposes access provisions like choosing the services that can be accessed by all network users or those that can only be accessed by the administrator. Firewall is a device that is created to allow or deny transmission over a network based on a set of policies and is usually used to protect any kinds of unauthorized access while allowing legitimate communications and transactions to pass.

We help in creating firewall device for your business that will protect data against dangers from public the Internet. We can design a firewall according to the network architecture and help in keeping your data and information secured.

Unified Threat Management (UTM)

It is a complete solution that has lately emerged in the industry of network security and has achieved widespread popularity. Unified Threat Management appliances have been created from the conventional firewall/VPN products as a solution with several added capabilities, like:

  • Spam blocking
  • Spyware prevention
  • Gateway antivirus
  • URL filtering
  • Intrusion prevention

Unified Threat Management (UTM)

These functions were earlier managed by multiple systems but with UTM, you get an integrated management, logging capabilities, monitoring to streamline maintenance and deployment. Some of the advantages that you can enjoy with our unified threat management are:
  • Reduced complexity: You get a single security system for all your security needs. Single AMC
  • UTM avoids installation of multiple and its maintenance
  • With UTM. You will use Plug & Play Architecture,
  • Also you will have web-based GUI for simple management
  • Reduced technical training needs as there will be one product to learn.
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Structured Cabling

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