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Banking & Financial Services Industry (BFSI)

Banking & Financial Services Industry (BFSI)

The financial services industry is very complex and updated information is of paramount importance. Whether the services provided by these institutions be that of secure online banking, brokerage, eCommerce, or other widely used and demanded facilities, we provide software /Hardware solutions across a wide range of internet-enabled wireless and consumer electronic devices.

Salient features of our end-to-end solutions include:

Application-level authentication
Strong encryption
Module integration across the internet as well as the corporate intranet
Consistent and thorough support

We equip the IT departments of banks and other financial institutions to provide reliable, systematic, and scalable services to their end consumers. Some of our strengths for these initiatives include,

Proven ability to manage and execute strategic plans
Successful implementation of programs of varying size and scale
Timely delivery of projects
Innovative delivery models
24/7 support for mission-critical systems with stringent SLAs

With our expertise, banks can leverage the latest technology to derive insights from historical data. Along with providing them analytical tools to help them fine tune their business objectives as well as modify their plans towards reaching these, we also help banks engage in a smooth and real time manner with their partners and customers using the digital medium.

Some major services we provide to banks include,

Banking applications support
Applications for structural finance
Portfolio management tools
Payment gateway integration

We also work with our business partners in providing joint solutions to our clients, and are currently in the process of expanding our team to provide higher levels of support and consulting services for our BFSI customers.